GYE’s Top 5 Productivity Hacks

It always seems to be about how we can do things more efficiently, effectively and in an ideal world perfectly. Whilst perfection may be impossible, our top productivity picks are not.


Who’s Advice: Alok Bhardwaj

Worst First: Before you do anything else, do the least desirable things on your to-do list.

Why We Like It: This seems like the best way to enjoy the rest of your day and get rid of that nagging voice in your head telling you that should be doing jobs you don’t want to do.




Who’s Advice: David Allen

2-minute rule: When new tasks come in and they can be done in 2 minutes or less – do them immediately.

Why We Like It: This keeps your to-do list clear of menial tasks, which we think is the definition of productive.





Who’s Advice: Timothy Ferriss

80/20 rule. 20% of your activities are responsible for 80% of your output. If you identify this crucial 20% of key tasks then you can prioritise your workload more appropriately.

Why We Like It: It cuts time wasting through having a good understanding of what your activities achieve. We think this is a good tool for motivation as it can be easier to work most efficiently on tasks you see the value of doing.





Who’s Advice: Tony Hseih

The ‘Yesterbox Technique’ – Use yesterday’s emails as todays to-do list.

Why We Like It: Rather than a piece of expensive software, this is a free email management technique, which anyone can decide to adopt at any time. No expense is crucial for young business professionals and entrepreneurs.






  Who’s Advice: Francesco Cirillo

The Pomodoro (tomato) Technique: Break down your work into 25 intense minutes, and follow it up with a 5-minute break.

Why We Like It: When you know you are allowed a five-minute break it keeps you focused. If you don’t know when your next break is or you are not one of those people who can focus for multiple consecutive hours – this technique is incredible handy. A good procrastination cutter too!

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