GYE’s Top Ted Talk: Nothing to Hide

Alok Bhardwaj, founder of the privately funded software start-up: Hidden Reflex; presents his views on internet privacy and how this led to Hidden Reflex creating ‘The Epic Privacy Browser’. This browser protects individuals online privacy, within the boundaries of the law, when they are searching on the internet.

Alok suggests that we share our knowledge, ideas and interests through our internet searches,  thus access to this information is a window into your stream of thought. This thought information is collected so companies can create targeted advertisements.

Whilst some people, like Alok Bhardwaj, feel this may be an invasion of privacy – others feel that if they have nothing to hide then they do not mind.

What ever your view, it is an interesting topic.

Our question to you is: Do you think this affects young entrepreneurs and/or young business professionals?


1 Comment on GYE’s Top Ted Talk: Nothing to Hide

  1. Almeda // August 4, 2022 at 1:51 am // Reply

    This is a great video!


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