Say Yes !

As a young executive one of the most important things you can do to gain experience and developed your self is to say YES.

I don’t mean that you have to be a “yes man” or woman or submit to sexual favours, simply that by saying yes you will open doors to experiences that you would otherwise remain oblivious too.

If you think that every time you say no you are closing a door, not having an experience or learning about something you will understand.

Sometimes you do have to say no and that is fine. “Do you agree with the current strategy we are following?” May well require a “no” with a good thought out rational reason as to why not. You will be expected to have an opinion if you are to show your future potential however I am referring to the request to visit a client out of hours or stay and work with a new member of staff or any other request that you might ordinarily consider saying no to.

Every task you do, every conversation you listen to as well as take part in is a learning opportunity. I can guarantee that the person who says yes with a willing heart will learn more, gain more experience and progress through the business faster.

So when you are asked to do something that requires some extra endeavour try saying yes. You will be surprised were it may lead too.

- The Management Tour Guide

The Management Tour Guide is an experienced manager with an MBA who has helped to build an international consumer goods brand.  MTG has been hired over the phone, asked to leave in person, been head hunted and passed over on many occasions.  MTG has worked on start ups, wind downs and lost causes as well as successful businesses.  It all counts when it comes to gaining experience.


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